bio & Background

Fritz Oliver - After college, I worked for her, she introduced me to Dressage and was instrumental in me buying my first horse, Tucker. This spirited 15.3 hand Thoroughbred later took me to Dressage Squad Screening Trials at the USET.

Dr. Van Shaik - I rode in many clinics with him over the years. "Lift your sternum and make yourself tall’ was his constant mantra. He loved walk-trot transitions and you did indeed learn to stretch your torso!

Michael Poulin & Janet Black - 2 years: A great opportunity to sit on advanced horses (some of which had come from the American Dressage Institute in Saratoga, NY). Aside from my own lessons, I spent hours watching other peoples’ lessons so I processed and visualized the advanced movements over and over. I would stay for a week every 3 months or so - a great period for position & visualization. (more>>)