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It’s Never Too Late - to learn, to improve, to make a difference in your riding!

Holly Mason Talks About Her First Book:

“My goal in writing my first book was to elucidate the many physical communications between horses and their riders so that riders can do more of their own problem solving. Horses are always the beneficiaries of correct physiological technique, and such physical fairness simply makes them trust us more.

The biomechanical concepts of riding and training are presented in easy to understand language, supported by copious illustrations and photos. The entire layout of the book was designed to break information down into graspable units, so that each section is visually compelling, as well as informative.

Itís Never Too Late is also a mission of wellness, as better movement for both horses and humans keeps us all young and vibrant. I have written the book I always wanted to read!”

The four sections of It’s Never Too Late are:

My Background Story – Holly’s personal journey to becoming an educated & thinking rider.

Integrated Thinking – the science of learning explained simply.

Position is Everything – working correctly with gravity so we can really be with our horses.

The Convergence of Theory and Technique – extensive information about training horses so they become flexible,strong and mentally & physically engaged.

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My follow-on work – explains why biomechanics is good horsemanship.

"Riding From Head to Toe" is now available as a spiral-bound book, as well as an eBook through iTunes for the iPad and Apple computers.