about Riding from Head to Toe


Understanding biomechanics is simply good horsemanship and is always a tremendous kindness to horses. This book is dedicated to showing how our bodies work more precisely together with our horses. My mission in biomechanics is to make the learning process as visual as possible.

Riding from Head to Toe has been designed with a distinct flow of information, but the chapters and sections can all stand alone and can be browsed or scanned easily. Please join me on the road to increased understanding for the good of horses, and their riders.


  • Your Torso
  • Move It or Lose It
  • From Your Waist Down
  • The Horse's Spine
  • Convergence
  • Warming-up Well is Essential
  • Ridden Exercises
  • Hands, Half Halts, and Rhythm
  • Helping the Horse's Back
  • Teaching Yourself

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