bio & Background

Karl Miklola - 5 years: total immersion in dressage theory from a former Oberbereiter of the Spanish Riding School. I took my two horses every few months to Karl for a week to 10 days. I rode my horses and some of his and learned about technique that very few people teach.

Study in Europe with several top teachers, I had a myriad of unusual experiences on a myriad of horses.

Week Long Clinics in the US with Major Hans Wikne, Swedish Olympic Coach and Walter Christensen, trainer of Louise Nathhorst and mentor to Volker Bromman.

Kathy Connelly - Her insights have been consistently helpful. I treasure her clarity of concept, extensive European background, and personal generosity.

Mark Russell, author of Lessons in Lightness. A wonderful horseman with a superb eye, Mark was a kindred spirit of biomechanical awareness and always approached the education of horses with patience and tact.