Pain is an amazing motivator! How to get rid of it is pretty much the ongoing athletic dilemma. My 8-minute warm-up in my new video is a by-product of all my injuries and illnesses, in which I always have played a pro-active role in healing.

We all have those "idgy-gidgy" spots that nag us if we are active. And you better believe the horses have them, too. We have so much more information about biomechanics today and that information forms the cornerstone of all athletic training programs. Find a good massage person in your area and an equine massage therapist and that alone will place you ahead of your competition in understanding how your body and your horses’ bodies get stressed and strained through work.

Being injured is actually an opportunity. We are forced to learn more about our personal physiology. This allows for some great "teaching moments". Our injuries and past mistakes truly teach us how to prevent injuries in the future.

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