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It's Never Too Late, Holly's first book, shows riders how to incorporate the scientific principles of biomechanics into a program of wellness and flexibility that will bring about dramatic improvements for horses and riders.

Riding From Head to Toe is an iBooks downloadable version of Holly's new eBook and is available through iTunes.

This book expands on Holly's previous work in the biomechanics of horse and rider. It has been designed in easy to grasp segments, based on a wide range of biomechanical principles to help riders truly understand what we all can do to ride better and help our horses. This eBook contains compelling color photos, clear diagrams & illustrations, as well as embedded video clips that elucidate biomechanical principles.

Riding From Head to Toe can also be purchased from this site in PDF form. The PDF version is identical to the iTunes version, and there are hot links to YouTube for all the video clips.

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